Walk for Health

Walk for Health: Every Sunday
Time: 9.00am (be at venue by 8.45am)
Venue: sent by email each week.
Register by email: letswalk@oauk-nw.org
More Information: click here

At the beginning of June we launched our walking club, “Walk for Health”. A club for all, no matter what your ability.  Walking is a safe and fun way to staying healthy.  Although before starting, if you are concerned about your health, we recommend you consult your doctor.

We are planning to walk in parks in and around greater London and move further afield in summer to do longer walks. We have had wonderful response from our members.

So far we have had some good sunny days and some not so good days, but that did not deter many of us from taking the time out to come and enjoy the walk.


We normally start off the day with a few stretches and warm up before doing an hour of walking.  After the walk, we end with a few more stretches.  Everyone walks at the pace they are comfortable with. Over the weeks, everyone’s pace will become faster and bodies stronger.


Walking has many benefits: reduce stress, strengthen the heart, strengthen muscles, improves circulation, reduce blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, lose weight, tone up, strengthen back and improve posture.  For better results, build it in your daily routine and walk at least 30 minutes each day.


On the day please remember to:

  • Do your warm up and cool down stretches (your walking leaders will show you how to on the day).
  • Clothing: Wear comfortable and protective clothing – several thin layers are better than one thick layer. Wear comfortable walking shoes.  Protect your head and skin from the sun.  Carry a rainproof jacket.  Carry gloves and hat in colder weather.  A small backpack is more comfortable to walk with than an ordinary bag, but be sure to wear it properly with the straps adjusted to fit your body snugly.
  • Drink ample water.
  • If needed carry a walking stick.
  • Start off with a slow warm up for about 5 minutes before increasing your speed. Listen to your body and only walk at a pace that you are comfortable with.  Your pace will increase over the weeks with regular walking.

Brisk (Fast) Walking Guide:

  • Keep an upright posture, hold tummy in and keep back straight.
  • While walking your heel should strike the ground before the toes.
  • Arms should be bent at 90 degrees, and wrist lightly clenched. Arms should move forward and back to give you momentum.  Arms should not cross centre line and waist should not twist from side to side.
  • While walking uphill, lean forward a little to maintain balance.
  • While walking downhill keep upright to maintain balance.